There is power in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! As believers we must know the necessity of calling on that great Name. Trouble comes...Jesus! Worrisome report from the doctor...Jesus! Disappointments...Jesus! His Name is a Mighty Fortress! The righteous run into it and are safe! His Name is above every name! Every circumstance, every condition! Because we are covered by the Read More
The Lord Jesus Christ is soon to come again and He is looking for a church which is looking for Him. "Behold I come quickly," the Lord Jesus Christ admonishes believers to be ready when He returns in Revelation 22:7. We should not want to just talk about heaven but want to live our lives like we really expect and want to go there. The Lord saved us for a reason. By Him allowing Himself to Read More
What is the greatest Christian virtue? Many people when asked that question would answer "love." Others would answer "purity" and still others "faith." While all those response are important, the greatest is "brokenness." Many people, who develop a prideful and haughty spirit, begin to think and operate as if they are self-sufficient, as if they are not in need of anyone Read More
Do you really know how to enjoy God? many times people say that living the life of a Christian is "too hard." However, when you really get to know the Lord, that is when you experience His joy! It is then that you will say, "I am glad He is mine!" and "I am glad that I am His!" When we know the Lord Jesus Christ, our joy is NOT predicated on what happens around us or to us, but Read More
No matter how much we may want to cling to life, each of us must die. It is appointed unto men once to die, and after that, the judgment, according to the Scriptures. While all of us must die, we will not all experience death. By our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, like Christ, death has no power over the believer anymore. The Word of God declares that there is a heaven and there is a Read More