The Importance of Having A Made Up Mind

No matter how much we may want to cling to life, each of us must die. It is appointed unto men once to die, and after that, the judgment, according to the Scriptures. While all of us must die, we will not all experience death. By our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, like Christ, death has no power over the believer anymore.

The Word of God declares that there is a heaven and there is a hell. Just like one sets goals for himself to accomplish a specific career path, we must also make sure we are preparing for where we will spend eternity.

By doing what God says, by accepting His plan of salvation, since the price has been paid at Calvary, we can be confident that we are preparing for heaven.

Jesus said that, although He must go away, He would send His Word to strengthen us and a Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, to empower us to do even greater works than He.

We wait in vain, however, if we expect Christ to show up and just sit at our kitchen table to help us in times of stress. If we expect to reign with Him, we must suffer with Him.

Even though we tithe, even though we volunteer, even though we pray, we MUST be ready “to go through some stuff” down here.

We will have tribulation, we will have trials, we will have stressful situations to deal with, endure deep sorrow, and face circumstances that have no remedy. All who live holy MUST suffer persecution. Christ will not suffer alone. There is a cross for everyone of us. When we take on the Name of Jesus, when we give our names to Him and become one of His children, it is appointed that we will be hated, folks will talk about us and persecute us, but we will keep our trust in God, no matter what!

As a believer, however, we understand that rough times HAVE to come to show us how God moves in miraculous ways and to make sure that we get out of thinking that our own knowledge and our own abilities are what makes things happen for us in our lives. The more God does this the more experience we gain as to how God moves on our behalf.

Our goal should be to make heaven, not just for the mansion, not just for streets of gold, for a long white robe, or for a starry crown but to have the opportunity to praise the Lord and to sit at His feet for all eternity.

We glorify and honor God for how He keeps us in spite of ourselves. We have learned that drugs, sex, money, position, fame and other people do not satisfy. People will like you one day and hate you the next. Only Jesus was able to straighten out the mess in our lives, completely and wholly.

We have been given “advanced notice” that we will face tribulation. Therefore we EXPECT to be lied on, we expect false friends, and we expect rough times. Rough times will come and rough times will go.

I Thessalonians 3:3 says, “Let none be moved by afflictions.” Acts 14:22 remind the believer that even though we endure tribulation, our faith allows us to hold our heads high and believe God’s larger will is being performed in our lives.

Just as the children of Israel were trapped at the banks of the Red Sea, while Egyptian soldiers were pursuing them, each of us must face our own “Red Sea” situations.

When we have experienced how God moves…we are able to encourage and strengthen newer believers who have not had as much experience with trusting in and waiting on God. Just as the work place benefits from having a combination of youth, creative energy and the master teacher or experienced professional, in the church new and old

believers should work together and encourage one another to trust God.

No matter what we endure, the Scriptures help us to remember that whatever we go through is COMMON to man.

However, there is a solution to EVERY problem. Just like God made a way for us 10 years ago, 25 years ago, and 50 years ago, the Lord will make a way today and in the future. The ANSWER to every situation is the Lord Jesus Christ! He always moves at the right time, on the right day, in the right way!

When you go through great trial, there will be people who say “Are you still at that church?” or “Why do you keep believing with all of what you are going through?” Remember that Job’s friends gave him some very incorrect advice and wrongfully described his circumstances as a “chastening from God.”

We remember that the Scriptures inform us that Job received DOUBLE blessings for his troubles.

In the book of Revelation, we learn by studying the church in Smyrna that we are to fear nothing though the devil throws us into a rough place, this is a time of TESTING. God will not let these times become more than we can bear. God told the church in Smyrna after 10 days deliverance would come.

No matter what we are facing…speak to yourself and tell yourself by faith, this is the 10th day, I am coming out with the victory! Though what we are going through may be uncomfortable, we will be able to help somebody else by our experience. We are being qualified to be a better witness for the Lord!

Keep a made up mind to make heaven…no matter what!

Last Published: April 2, 2012 9:35 PM